Research Project HindSight
Mi Feng, Cheng Deng, Evan M. Peck, Lane Harrison
HindSight is an interaction technique defined as direct encoding of personal interaction history. We developed and evaluated this technique on web visualizations.
Keywords: D3.js, R, statistical tests.
Research Project Haptic ChairIO
Mi Feng, Robert Lindeman, Arindam Dey
Haptic ChairIO is a virtual reality system with chair-movement-based travel input and multi-sensory output, including visual, audio, wind, and floor vibration feedback.
Keywords: C++, Unity3D, Oculus Rift, orientation sensor, servo motor, vibration actuator, Arduino.
Course Project Hello Bird!
Mi Feng, Siyan Lin, Kevin Yang
Hello Bird! is a real-time object detection program based on machine learning. The object detection was implemented with histogram of oriented gradients as feature descriptor, and support vector machine as classifier. This was developed as the final project of the Computer Vision course, instructed by Prof. Michael Gennert.
Keywords: OpenCV, C++, HoG, SVM.
Side Project CalendarVis
Mi Feng
Have you ever been curious about where your time goes? CalendarVis is an interactive interface that re-visualizes one's Google Calendar events, meant for reviewing the past and planning the future. The program is being built progressively during leisure time.
Keywords: D3.js, Google API.